Victoria McGee has been doing comedy improv for decades!

She cut her baby improv teeth at the LA Connection, performed at the Comedy Store, and wound up in Arizona performing with Unscrewed Theatre before landing on Maui and hatching Free Range Comedy.

Vicki teaches for Free Range and thanks improvisation and Viola Spolin for a successful marriage to William Hubbard.



William Hubbard is a silly man.

His background includes acting for stage, film, television, radio, and animation and improvisation with the Groundlings and Free Range Comedy Maui.

He blames his wife Victoria McGee for his continued silliness in participating in this endeavor.

He does not like cucumbers.


Scott Shrum has been doing improv comedy for over 20 years.

He’s trained at Second City and has been in more amateur groups than he can count, from DC to Chicago to Los Angeles.

Someone once told him they laughed so hard at his show that they thought they were going to throw up. So, be careful.





Patrick performs voice acting as a member of The Green Giraffes. Listen to their sketch comedy podcast Free Candy Van. Pat is the vocalist of the band Death To Paulie Shore. Their movie discussion podcast is Watch Movie Do Podcast. He also acts with the Gypsies In A Trunk in their Fairy Tales In The Park shows and is one of the Conejo Improv Players.

Sick of Patrick yet?

Wait until he hits the stage!

Patrick McGrath

Stan McConnell

Stan has been acting for over twenty years.  Stan was bitten by the acting bug while attending law school in Minnesota. This led to his being cast in many Best Buy, and Target, corporate industrial videos until he was finally cast in the pivotal role of “shirtless guy putting Christmas gift under Christmas tree” in a national Target commercial. With so much success, Stan felt compelled to make the move to sunny Southern California where he enrolled in an intensive two year Meisner Method training program. He then took this training to his next big role of “auto mechanic delivering important car repair information” on General Hospital.  Stan has done numerous plays in the Ventura County area and is really excited to being doing improv with Free Range.




Alexandra has been improvising since she was 5 years old which she recently found out is just called pretending, but whatever. Pretending led to the "Fame" High School of Performing Arts for Drama in NYC. Later Alexandra became a drama queen and left acting all together, only to be lured back to the Improv stage and becoming part of the Conejo Improv Players (T.O.'s Conejo Players Theatre resident Improv troupe) since 2015. With Free Range Comedy since June 2019, Alexandra is known for her excellent taste in food and her successful fish hocking business.




Gina Main is a serious actor.  Gina fine-tuned her acting craft at the Joanne Baron and D.W. Brown School for Very Serious Actors located on the sun-tan-oiled shores of Santa Monica.  She applied her impeccable Meisner training as a regular on the Jay Leno show where she appeared in short bits designed to humiliate her in new and exciting ways. She went on to invite humiliation through stand-up at the Comedy Store and now improv with Free Range. Gina fears asses that are lame and penguins.


Jeremy Boilek

Jeremy started doing improv in the Fall of 2019, but has been making people wish he’d just go away already since well before that.


“Dude’s a total loser”

     - Queen Elizabeth II


“If I see him on the street imma kick his a#%“

     - Drake


David Villalon


David got his start in stand-up comedy at open mic nights in the Early 90’s. After a Brief hiatus of 30 years for a marriage, raising two boys, and a divorce, he began performing improv. When asked about what he likes best about improv, he said “It gives all my inner voices a chance to express themselves. They like that. Also, it’s a great companion to traditional therapy.”





Ann joined Free range Comedy in 2019.  You wouldn’t have seen her in anything except for a Hallmark Hall of Fame Special but if you blinked too fast, you missed her.  But, she was really good...really. Okay, maybe not.  


If you would like to be friends with Ann, you can endear yourself by delivering a pun or a terrible joke in her presence. 


John Comstock


Mary Comstock