Improv 101

Victoria McGee is a founder of Free Range Comedy and has been performing improv for over 20 years and teaching improv for 5 years.  She has a BFA in Theatre Arts from Florida Atlantic University, a BA in English Education from the University of Arizona and an MA in Education from the University of Phoenix.

Victoria began studying improv at the L.A. Connection, continuing her improv training at Unscrewed Theatre in Arizona, where she was a main stage member for ten years. She has taken training from improv teachers such as Michael Gellman, David Razowsky, Mark Beltzman, Kevin Scott, Rick Andrews, Nick Armstrong and Laura Hall.

She founded Free Range Comedy on Maui in 2015 and also taught for Maui Improv from 2014 - 2017.

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Teen Improv

Improv 101 is our introductory class for anyone wanting to try improv, or those looking to refresh their skills. This course will cover the fundamental elements of improv in a safe and fun environment. Classes use exercises and games to develop improv skills, encourage trust, practice good communication skills, character development and scene work.

Weekly classes run for 8 weeks, culminating in a showcase performance for the class (participation optional).


Our teen improv class is for students 13 - 17 who want to learn the basics of improv. Teens will work/play together in a safe, cooperative environment, using improv games and exercises to improve confidence, practice quick thinking, active listening, and effective verbal and non-verbal communication, all while having fun!

Weekly classes are 2 1/2 hours and run for 6 weeks, culminating in a showcase performance for the class (participation optional).


Weekly Drop -In

Our weekly adult drop-in classes are for anyone who has had some improv training previously, or has completed our Improv 101 class. These evenings are meant to provide opportunity to explore different improv games and experiment with long form formats. Please contact us before your first visit. First drop-in is free.

Tuesday Nights        7-9PM     $10

Wednesday Nights Starting in September





John Comstock is a veteran performer, director, and teacher, who started improvising in 1991 as a member of the L.A. Connection, performing weekly and teaching their children’s improv program. While there, he participated in Comic Relief and live film dubbings. Since 2003, Mr. Comstock has been teaching improv and acting to children and teens through LA Parks and Recreation. He can currently be seen onstage with Revolution Theatre’s Jump Cut improvised movie team, Improv Trick, his own troupe Merge Left, and Free Range Comedy.


John Comstock

Intro to Improv is a 4 week Intro class for those wanting to learn the basics of improv, brush up on improv skills, or just give it a try for the first time! The course covers the fundamental elements of improv in a safe and fun environment. We use exercises and games to develop improv skills, build trust, practice good communication, learn to be present and think quickly! Culminating in a showcase performance for the class (participation optional).


Intro To Improv

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Improv classes aren’t just for actors!

Learning the basic skills of improv has benefits for life:


Boost confidence

Improve listening skills

Learn to say Yes to life

Think quickly & on your feet

Mindfulness (be in the present moment)

Generosity (make your scene partner look good)

Build trust


Improv classes are fun, interactive, and a great way to meet new people! You don’t have to be funny - just willing!

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Free Range Comedy Now Offers Classes in Improvisation!